TRANSIT Maker Faire

Event Activation

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The idea

The Transit Connect has been welcomed not only by the small businesses for which it was designed, but has also caught the attention of imaginative young couples who enjoy up-cycling used items to create new ones. So we took it to where they like to go.

Makers Faire in San Francisco.

A DJ played music through speakers housed in vintage walkie-talkies to draw people within eyeshot. This sound system was mounted on walls constructed of boxes that demonstrated the cargo capacity of the Transit Connect.

Out of the van came two block presses made from old drills and actual parts from the Transit Connect. They allowed visitors to hand-make their own post cards. This was especially popular with kids. Mom and Dad naturally followed.

The Transit Connect made a huge impression. Lots of them, actually. We filmed them, collected them and used them in subsequent messaging.

DIY impressions

This hard-working, thought-provoking van was a big hit with a group
of people who aren’t easily impressed.



Ford activated a 20' x 20' footprint. Targeting the “do-it-yourselfers”,
for a little less than the price of a vehicle the Transit received plenty of
attention in front of a very targeted audience.